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How often do we get complacent with knowledge?  We hear the same thing over and over, and the message becomes lore.  Drink eight ounces of water per day or turkey makes you drowsy—not only do we as docs believe it but we tell family members and patients the same. I came across a new study […]
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First I hear the American Board of Pediatrics ordains hospital medicine as a bonafide subspecialty. Then, for the adults among us, CMS issues a hospitalist specialty code.  No joke.  A specialty code–go live on April 3, 2017. This has been a laborious task and years in the making. Have a lookie: If you are scratching your […]
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  A little something I sent to my residents–and I post it here as the issue has relevance to every clinician.  Also, a wise professor offered me something to contemplate.  As you read, consider whether this is a professionalism OR systems issue.  If the latter, are the behaviors in accord with the signals we give […]
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  You might wonder why “recidivism” in the subject line. In the context of readmissions, the word comes up often—and in particular, those who cycle from shelters to the street to the ER. Rinse. Repeat.  I focus on the Northeast, but my guess is your regional experience is like mine. You have noticed over the […]
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I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions. They seem to be too easy to break and lead to disappointment. But my birthday and New Year’s are close together, and they do provide convenient markers to reflect on life, health, and balance. Every day I round in the hospital I find myself discussing healthy lifestyle habits […]
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A good idea, but not quite. A subject I hope to engage more in depth in the future concerns how career hospitalists age into our specialty.  As the healthcare system veers toward greater patient responsiveness, 24/7 access to caregivers will be a priority.  As physicians continue to offload their night and weekend work, hospitalists will […]