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JAMA just published the largest trial I have seen on a Hospital at Home (HAH) model to date and the first one out in the last few years. It comes from Mount Sinai in NYC–who have led the pack in this style of care if national presentations are the judge. They launched the program three […]
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I am angry. Perhaps, you are too. As a physician, it is heart-wrenching to watch people unnecessarily die from gun violence. As a mom, it strikes fear in my heart to know that our nation’s children are not safe in our schools. I vividly remember being a resident on call in the ICU when I […]
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“We Need Creative Solutions” When I read or hear the sentence above, I think of one thing and one thing only. The solution is long in coming, involves input from multiple parties, has no obvious fix, is costly–in either money or time, and we undergird it by a whopper of a collective action problem. How […]
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Last week I was in Dunkin’ Donuts and noticed something odd—although the oddness did not strike me immediately.  The woman who was serving me could have been my grandmother. Ditto that when I was at Home Depot in the lighting aisle yesterday.  And ditto it again in Walmart this morning. I would never dream of […]
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If I told you I planned to close a quarter of the country’s cardiac catheterization labs, how would you react? You would probably express outrage and accuse me of mismanagement of our entire health system.  And that is to say nothing of all the harm that would come to patients.  But as docs, we reason […]
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  I had planned on writing on MACRA and the inability of those who criticize the law to offer up alternatives to fix the flaws.  I got tired of the conclusions from the skeptics: let providers be and they will do the right thing.  That is a recipe for the pendulum to swing too far […]