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With the financial pressures hospitals are facing due to decreases in health care compensation, the RAC, etc,  and the changes in healthcare architecture coming with ACOs, there will continued pressure on hospitalist programs to cut costs and decrease staffing while improving our quality of care.  I truly believe we need all the information we can get to know where we stand as hospitalists and to help us plan for what’s to come. We need this so we can best serve the institutions where we work and the hospitalists we work with.  The SHM and MGMA surveys on hospital medicine are out and we need to fill them in.  Here is how:  We can’t negotiate for what we want or what we think is best if we don’t know where we stand.  Over and over again I have found the data in the SHM (and in the last few years the SHM/MGMA) survey has allowed me to speak to administrators and colleagues with the power of statistics behind me.  This tool is useless though unless we have vigorous participation.  Please see below for access to the survey and FAQ.  The deadline is February 10th. I know it’s a drag, I have to make myself do it every year, but we need to represent ourselves in a meaningful way and if we don’t have a substantial response the data will be skewed.  I’ll do it this weekend if you do it too!


Upcoming Changes in SHM’s Survey Process SHM and the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) have enjoyed very successful survey collaboration for the last two years. Working together under a Survey Collaboration Agreement to jointly conduct comprehensive annual surveys of hospital medicine groups, the two groups have been able to provide an unprecedented amount of high quality information for our members—data about hospitalist compensation and productivity, but also about many other aspects of the ways hospitalists and hospital medicine groups function. And while our relationship with MGMA remains strong, all good things must come to an end—or at least change considerably. To learn more about the changes in the survey and participation process, click here. 2012 State of Hospital Medicine survey

Survey Opens: January 16, 2012 Early Participation Deadline: February 10, 2012 Survey Closes: March 9, 2012

For 2012, the survey will be divided into two components. Compensation and productivity data for non-academic hospital medicine practices should be submitted to MGMA via its Physician Compensation and Production survey. Other information (such as was formerly included in the SHM-MGMA Hospital Medicine Supplement to the MGMA survey) should be submitted via the new SHM survey process. You are strongly encouraged to participate in both surveys. Survey Links To access the SHM survey, click here Helpful documents for the SHM survey:

  • Survey FAQs
  • Survey instrument—a copy of the actual survey instrument that you can download and review in advance so you can collect data and see questions before entering your responses into the online survey
  • Survey guide—a document that has detailed instructions and/or explanations of each survey question

To access the MGMA survey, click here By participating in the SHM survey, you will be entered in a drawing to win one of several prizes, including:

  • A complimentary registration to an SHM Leadership Academy (valued at $1,795 for SHM members)
  • One of four complimentary registrations to either the 2012 Annual Meeting or an annual meeting pre-course (valued at up to $820 for SHM members)
  • A 32GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi (valued at $599)

*Participate before February 10 and receive two entries into the drawing. The direct benefits to participants include:

  • FREE copy of the 2012 State of Hospital Medicine report (for SHM survey participants)
  • FREE access to MGMA’s online DataDive product (for MGMA survey participants)

Academic hospital medicine practices should participate in the SHM survey in January but wait and submit compensation and productivity data to MGMA’s Academic Practice Compensation and Production Survey for Faculty and Management till next September. Are you a management company or multi-hospital system that would like to participate in the survey? Contact [email protected] for instructions.

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