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Mikkii Swanson Receiving Non-physician Award

This morning, sitting in the Mandalay Bay Ballroom, hearing and watching the Awards for Excellence, I felt so inspired. These individuals make me so proud to be a part of an organization that not only attracts such talented, brilliant and committed people, but also takes the time and makes the effort to acknowledge them in a public and poignant way. As I sat there I felt immensely motivated to be better, to think bigger, to work harder and to be taller. Wait, no. I’m not going to be taller now matter how motivated I am!

But watching them also made me wonder if these most excellent individuals have struggled with their confidence and their role as I have. I long to connect with them and ask them if they have gone through some of the same “wobbles” that have plagued me. Do they feel the same level of frustration, fear, optimism and uncertainty that I do about the current and migrating state of healthcare in America? Do they feel that impacting the culture or processes of a hospital is akin to pushing poor Sisyphus’s boulder up the proverbial hill? I am sure they must have experienced some of these daily tortures! But then I have spent time talking with all types of people all day, and to a one they are intelligent, supportive, and captivating in their perspectives and their passion. Surely our most excellent award winners have benefited from some of the fantastic mentorship and direction that runs through this conference like a beautiful, soothing and endless river. Surely they had help, and support, and guidance; surely those individuals who have provided even a small portion should take pleasure in their successes.

We all benefit from their excellence, and I believe that their success makes all of us better team members, better providers, better problem solvers and even better people. Who knows? They might even make me taller!

Tracy Cardin

Tracy Cardin, ACNP-BC, SFHM is the Associate Director of Clinical Integration at Adfinitas Health and also serves on SHM’s Board of Directors. Prior to this, she was the Director of NP/PA Services for the University of Chicago and worked in private practice for a group of excellent pulmonologists/intensivists for over a decade. She has been a member of SHM for over ten years and has over twenty years of inpatient experience, which seems incredible as she cannot possibly be that old! Her interests include integration of NP/PA providers into hospital medicine groups and communication in difficult situations.

In her free time, she likes to run and lift, read and write and hang out on the front porch of her semi-restored Victorian house with her dear family and friends while drinking a fine glass of red wine and listening to whatever music suits her whimsy.

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