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by Ethan Gray, VP of Membership, Marketing & Communications

There’s a place in your life that — if you’re like most hospitalists — you go to more than the coffee shop, more than your car, maybe even more than a hospital room.

It’s your email inbox. An email inbox is a mix of important messages, unexpected surprises, new opportunities, engaging ideas and solicitations. Lots of solicitations.

That’s why, here at SHM we’re reconsidering how we email our members and others in the healthcare community. We know that having your attention through email is an earned privilege, not a right, so we are making improvements to provide the very best content in the hospital medicine specialty, delivered to your inbox.

After all, once it shows up in your inbox, it’s up to you what to do with it. You can delete it right away. You can open it and then delete it. But what we hope you do is to open up our emails, click through to the resources in them and also share them with your friends and colleagues.

It is SHM’s responsibility to make our emails engaging and compelling before they get to your inbox. That’s why we’re making changes to our emails, namely:

  • – Better targeting: We are working to better understand your interests and preferences and sending content directly relevant to you.
  • – New formats: SHM has graphically enhanced, streamlined and re-designed the bi-weekly newsletter, The Pulse to enhance readability and organization.
  • – More control: You can now control which emails you subscribe to directly from the SHM site.

Some of these improvements have already begun. Others — like making emails more readable on smartphones and tablets — will come in the near future. For instance, the first redesigned Pulse email went out earlier this week.

SHM will continually work to refine and improve our email program. The most important part of that improvement is feedback from you, so I hope you’ll reach out to us — either through our blog, on Twitter or directly at [email protected] — to help us make the best use of your inbox.

After all, getting you the information you want — the way you want it — means that we can all provide the best possible care for hospitalized patients, which is what we’re all about.


Ethan Gray HeadshotEthan Gray joined the Society of Hospital Medicine in April 2012 as Senior Manager of Membership. He has since transitioned to oversee all membership, marketing and communication functions.

Prior to joining SHM, Mr. Gray spent 5+ years in an Association Management setting working primarily with professional medical societies serving a variety of practitioners. Mr. Gray has also worked in development & fundraising capacities for stand-alone organizations.

Mr. Gray earned a BA in Economics from Syracuse University. He is an active member of ASAE (the American Society of Association Executives) and earned his Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential in December 2012.

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