Time to Make the Donuts!!! – The 2011 SHM-MGMA Survey

The SHM-MGMA Productivity Survey Closes in Three Weeks.

Ahh, yes, it’s time.  The early submission deadline passed yesterday…

It’s “Time to Make the Donuts.

The MGMA-SHM Hospitalist Productivity and Compensation Survey is ongoing, and data submission closes March 11th.  As you know, SHM has provided the most comprehensive data set and incisive analysis regarding hospitalist practice for over ten years.  Now, with MGMA, we can provide better statistical analysis and survey support than ever before.  And while we are not the only source of such information, we have provided the largest compendium of hospitalist practice anywhere.  We need to continue to do so, because this is the data hospitals and hospitalist programs rely on to program their budgetary priorities.  The MGMA catchphrase – “Defining Your Profession” rings truer than we might imagine.

So, get the data heads and the clinicians together to complete their portions.  If you did it last year, you’ll find that it is much easier to complete a second time.  (In our case it took us less than half the time we spent last year!)  If you’re a first time participant, link out to MGMA, download the excel files and get started.  There’s no time like the present to move this along.

For the folks in academic practice models, RELAX.  Academics complete the survey in the fall, and we just went through that…  Phew.

For everyone else, NOW IS THE TIME!  We need to continue to submit, sort, compile, analyze and publish the definitive data set for hospitals and hospitalists, by hospitals and hospitalists.  And remember, you don’t have to go it alone.  MGMA and SHM will help you complete this task successfully.  Please link over to the survey page to see the benefits, process, and guidance for participation.  You’ll receive a complimentary copy of the 2011 MGMA Productivity and Compensation report and the 2011 SHM-MGMA State of Hospital Medicine report as well as MGMA’s Data-Dive Lite database in return for your efforts.

Look for some commentary and answers to common questions here on the Practice Management Blog in the days to come.

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