How Hospitalists “Got Smart,” Post-Acute Medicine and Patient Compensation in SHM Media Highlights

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Antibiotic stewardship – including SHM’s “Fight the Resistance” campaign – post-acute medicine, patient compensation and patient experience appeared in the last two weeks of hospital medicine media coverage in medical and regional outlets.

SHM’s “Fight the Resistance” campaign received mentions in both Infection Control Today and Associations Now.The first story highlighted the partner organizations collaborating with the CDC for their “Get Smart about Antibiotic Resistance” week and their respective campaigns, which coincided with SHM’s participation in the global antibiotic resistance Twitter chat led by the CDC. The second focused on the member engagement aspect of SHM’s poster campaign. A related story from Infection Control Today reviewed the CDC’s commitment to a three-year initiative to improve implementation of infection prevention and control efforts, including contributions from SHM.

Hospitals and Health News covered the emergence of post-acute medicine as a result of the move to fee-for-value healthcare model. The article explored how addressing medical and other patient needs in alternative settings can lead to improved outcomes and value.

Per The Philadelphia Inquirer, a study from the University of Pennsylvania proposed another novel concept: compensating patients for taking their medications in addition to the traditional physician compensation. Should patients continue taking their medication and improve their health, the prescribing physicians would also be compensated accordingly.

In the patient experience realm, Medscape reported that patients and insurers alike are requesting more empathy from doctors. The story noted that the traditional paradigm for what is considered good bedside manner is changing; patients are requesting a greater interpersonal connection with their providers and view the traditional model as too detached.


Media Highlights: November 5 – 19, 2015

Partners Join CDC to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

The President has proclaimed Nov. 16-22 “Get Smart about Antibiotics Week.” Get Smart Week builds on the momentum generated at the White House Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship, where more than 150 organizations pledged to improve antibiotic use and slow the spread of antibiotic resistance. State health departments, non-profit partners, industry partners, healthcare workers, and parents all have an important role in the fight against antibiotic resistance, including the Society for Hospital Medicine’s Educational Campaign for Hospitalists (SHM): SHM’s antibiotic stewardship campaign targets hospitalists –a pivotal group of doctors who care for hospitalized patients – an important group for improving antibiotic use.

November 16, 2015

Infection Control Today

Hospital Group’s Antibiotics Campaign: “Fight the Resistance”

The Society of Hospital Medicine launches its “Fight the Resistance” campaign November 10 to promote a culture change around antibiotic prescriptions in hospitals by teaching about the harms of over-prescribing these medications. SHM, a medical society representing individuals who provide care to hospitalized patients, centered the campaign on posters that members can hang in hospitals to inform staff of the dangers of antibiotic resistance.

November 9, 2015

Associations Now

 CDC and HRET Join Forces to Protect Patients, Reduce Hospital Infections

The Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) of the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are launching a three-year initiative to improve the implementation of infection prevention and control efforts in U.S. hospitals. Other project partners include the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, University of Michigan, Michigan Health & Hospital Association Keystone Center, Health Insight QIN and Society of Hospital Medicine.

 November 12, 2015

Infection Control Today

 The Emergence of Post-Acute Medicine

The charge toward fee-for-value health care has accelerated the emergence of post-acute medicine, a medical provider model not bound by traditional delivery locales or roles. For certain population segments, bringing medical care out of acute and ambulatory settings and into the community is de rigueur. It delivers timely access and collaborative, team-based care — both required for success in a future defined by value.

 November 9, 2015

Hospitals & Health Networks

Penn study: Pay patients to take their pills

Statins are proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, yet as many as half of patients with prescriptions eventually stop taking the pills. A possible solution, says a team of University of Pennsylvania researchers: Pay the patients. And for those whose good pill-taking habits lead to lower levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, give their physicians a bonus as well.

 November 9, 2015

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Patients (and Insurers) to Doctors: More Empathy, Please

If you work in a hospital, an outpatient practice owned by a hospital, or an independent practice, or if you are a member of an accountable care organization (ACO), training in how to empathically communicate with patients may be in your future. That’s because the traditional paradigm for good bedside manner—detached concern—is now being viewed by insurers, health plans, and hospital systems as being too detached, when surveys show that patients want more interpersonal connectedness with and trust in their physicians.

November 11, 2015


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