No Words Needed. A Pictorial On Why I Punt On Hospital Report Cards.

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If I was in flyover country without a contact and needed emergency services how would I research the best hospital in a pinch?  If you read Consumer Reports or a major newspaper, of course, you would run to the nearest handy dandy hospital report card and pick out the facility with the A grade.

Me?  Yeah, I would look, but unless the hospital were a bottom dweller, say a D or F (less than 10% of facilities I muster), I would not think much of barreling through the ER doors to get whatever creaky tissue like substance that needs fixing taken out.

It’s not that I don’t believe there are excellent performers.  Of course, I do.  It’s just that we don’t have good enough measurements to stack them out all proper in the here and now.  And I know that because I live on the front lines–just like most of you. I see how imprecise the whole enterprise is.  That’s not a knock. It is what it is. Bummer.

Unfortunately, those that don’t have that luxury view only stars on computer screens or paper.  But because they are there, they must be good, right?

Well, no rants today.  I will let the pics do the talking.  You can write your own narrative.






























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